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Scenic Cape Breton

A Home Away from Home

Situated on the Bras d'Or Lake, the largest salt water lake in the world, you'll find Joyce's Motel & Cottages, a cosy retreat for anyone looking for a relaxing getaway.

St. Peter's, Nova Scotia

There are plenty of things to do right here in St. Peter's. The famous St. Peter's Canal, which joins the Atlantic Ocean with the Bras d'Or Lake, is an important historic landmark and the Nicholas Denys Museum tells the story of the explorer and fur trader.

A drive through the countryside could reveal sighting of fox, white tail deer or bald eagles in flight.

The Village of St. Peter's will accommodate your needs, offering restaurants, service stations, drug and grocery stores and a local marina.

Situated on Highway 4, one mile east of St. Peter's

Map of Cape Breton 210 miles from Amherst
190 miles from Halifax
130 miles from Truro
30 miles from Canso Causeway